Jamie Oliver’s Bakewell Tart Video

On our travels we visited Bakewell in Derbyshire and visited the Bakewell Tart shop. Great to get something from the source and it kept us going for days! Curious to find out how to make it I scoured the web for a nice example. Jamie Oliver’s Bakewell Tart video is really helpful in understanding how to make a nice pastry case (blind baked) and then adding the nutty ingredients for the frangipane. The tart cooks for about 40-45 minutes. The filling is sour cranberry, not raspberry as we’d had, and the St Clement’s drizzle is a nice touch when served warm.

Origins Of Bakewell Tart

Confusingly there are several variations of the tart including an Iced Cherry Bakewell and a Bakewell Pudding (made with puff pastry rather than sweet shortcrust pastry). The original recipe was supposedly created by accident in the 1820s. It’s “…a shortcrust pastry base covered with luxury jam and topped with a special recipe ground almond filling. Suitable for vegetarians.” according to the Bakewell Tart Shop.

Sour Cranberry Bakewell Tart Recipe

If you didn’t get all the recipe details from the video, then head over to Jamie Oliver’s website for the Sour Cranberry Bakewell Recipe. It includes details of how to make the frangipane filling (with hazelnuts, walnuts, butter, caster sugar, eggs, lemon and lime) with a praline twist.

For more Jamie Oliver, we’ve also collected some banana-related videos for your inspiration.

Bakewell tart photo by Alan Stephenson on Unsplash

Happy baking!

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