Portuguese Custard Tart Recipe Video

Portuguese Custard Tart Recipe

These little Portuguese custard tarts look so intriguing and they’re so delicious. They go so well with a strong coffee after a nice healthy lunch. Curious about how they’re made, I found a recipe on the Anti-Chef channel on YouTube. He’s got a great friendly style and is great at improvising kitchen tools he doesn’t have, like a rolling pin, in this episode. Take a look at the video below to see a Portuguese custard tart recipe in action.

If you didn’t see the page on YouTube, the recipe roughly followed the one on the Leite’s Culinaria website. I also found a version of this Portuguese custard tart recipe (the Pastel de Nata), that contained raspberries. Honestly? It wasn’t any improvement on the classic.

This next video, showing Jamie Oliver’s “Quick Portuguese Custard Tarts” caused some controversy with Portuguese baker, Sofia Bicas. First watch Jamie’s video, then see what Sofia had to say!

Got any suggestions for a little cake to go with afternoon coffee? Let me know 🙂

Photo credit: Jose Luis Hidalgo R. on Flickr