Mary Berry’s American-Style Baked Cheesecake Recipe

This is a baked cheesecake Mary Berry has created with a summer fruit topping. We love baked cheesecake and this one is a real winner with a buttery chocolate digestive biscuit base for extra flavour using full-fat soft cheese and eggs beaten with vanilla extract and softly whipped double cream, baked for an hour. The cheesecake continues to cook as it cools.

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The recipe for Mary Berry’s baked cheesecake uses crushed plain chocolate Digestive biscuits and melted butter for the base, full fat soft cream cheese, double cream, 2 eggs and vanilla extract for the top. This bakes for an hour at 140c in a fan-assisted oven. As Mary says, the recipe is very easy to make and it’s quite an authentic cheesecake though some versions use egg yolks as well to give it extra richness.

Different Styles Of Cheesecake

We know that cheesecakes come with either a biscuit base or a dense, more cake-like consistency. A number of bakeries in London’s East End, including Rinkoff’s, produce baked versions. This was the most useful definition we could find to describe the New York / Amercian-style:

New York-style cheesecake, made famous by Lindy’s and Junior’s Deli, relies upon heavy cream, cream cheese, eggs and egg yolks to add a richness and a smooth consistency. Also called Jewish-style, it is baked in a special 5- to 6-inch tall springform pan in many restaurants. Some recipes use cottage cheese and lemon for distinct texture and flavor or add chocolate or strawberry to the basic recipe. A NY cheesecake is high, dense, and firm.

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In the United Kingdom and Ireland, cheesecake is typically made with a base of crushed, buttered biscuits and often topped with a fruit compote.

While searching for a cheesecake that looked like the one I had in mind,I found Mondo Mulia’s pictures that looked just perfect. Check out the post, Baked New York Style Cheesecake.

The base of a cheesecake can differ, using any of crushed biscuits or crackers, sponge or pastry. In Mary Berry’s recipe the chocolate in the biscuits gives extra flavour to the base.

If you liked the video, you may want to make Mary Berry’s Cheesecake. Take a look at the Lakeland website for all the details.